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The industry of 8 states level such as the machine that cut a pen asks for opini
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Came 10 days on July 9, 2008, gymnastic apparatus (gymnastic mat, free gymnastic space, help diving board) , a national standard that standard of equipment of the bat of equipment of basketball wearing, weight lifting, ping-pong, machine that cut a pen, exercise writes a requirement (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) countrywide industry seeks opinion meeting.

Federation of Chinese light industry and association of sporting goods of Chinese culture and education are organized and chaired this second meeting, 24 shares 22 units delegates that attend Bencihui to discuss. Among them, manufacturing company 14 units 15 people, quality is supervised examine 3 units 4 people, organization user 3 units 3 people. City of limited company of equipment of sports of Jin Ling of Inc. of red double happiness of group of father-in-law sports industry, Shanghai, Jiangsu, capable group limited company, Tianjin spring limited company of group of sporting goods of Pisces of factory of fit Yo things, Guangzhou, 3 wood accuse a group limited company, Heibei aperture barbell makes limited company, Fujian new.

The conference with respect to afore-mentioned national levels (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) each content and normative sex problem are represented to sexual collectivity sought an opinion extensively, in the meantime, all delegate that attend the meeting is right also afore-mentioned 8 states levels (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) offerred a lot of precious opinions. Include among them:
   1. Standard manuscript accords with the normative sex problem of GB/T 1.1;
2. The requirement of standard manuscript and experiment method throw a question mediumly, for example: The hardness of razor blade of the machine that cut a pen asks (the importance quality that belongs to crucial component asks) , the acceleration sensor problem in experiment of function of gymnastic mat concussion (regulation of international body couplet asks) ;
3. The contradictory issue that rough draft of GB of the machine that cut a pen is selecting mark respect (GB plan is ISO international standard, standard rough draft is Japanese standard however, should check fulfil) ;
4. Of mandatory standard mandatory the clause did not make clear a regulation in preface, for example: The machine that cut a pen and basketball are worn;
5. The content that the work out shows is too simple, do not accord with " national level runs way " medium concerned regulation.

Conference requirement, the unit of each group leader that after Bencihui is discussed, national level drafts should represent according to each respect " ask for opinion feedback to express " be handled seriously and fill in " ask for opinion collect to handle a watch " , perfect " the work out explains " , complete GB draft " send go over a manuscript or draft " . Report association of sporting goods of Chinese culture and education and countrywide style things to standardize a center to undertake checkup at the same time, the checkup that whether so that decide,enters national level program level.
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