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The United States will be carried out mandatory produce GB to sign regulation of
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American Ministry of Agriculture was released formally on July 29, 2008 mandatory produce GB to sign regulation of final try out formerly. This regulation will have go into effect on September 30, 2008.

Basis 2002 with bill of agriculture of 2008 United States, this regulation product includes cut and wring broken lean beef, kid flesh of the flesh, chicken, goat, pork, changeful qualitative produce (fresh with refrigerant vegetable, fruit) , hawaiian nutlet, walnutmeat, ginseng, earthnut. American Ministry of Agriculture is mixed about fish at beginning to carry out in October 2004 shellfish animal is mandatory former label yield a country (COOL) regular.

Mandatory former label yield a country (COOL) all breed of the requirement in regulation must be shown in retail markers produce a country formerly. But except of the composition in processing food.