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Avoid trade barrier to export difference of Euramerican stationery standard
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In current Chinese market, enterprise of a lot of stationery takes exit seriously very much, but the barrier that in recent years Chinese stationery enterprise faces abroad to export time and again and turn over a dumping. Accordingly, study and relative standard of the stationery outside studying a country and regulation are imperative, to us at the same time relevant occupation standard makes stationery also have referenced sense. EN71-3 of relative standard of the following Euramerican stationery, UK S1 2406, ASTM F963 is done be compared and introduce.

EN71-3 is the 3rd part about series of standard of European stationery, toy the migratory standard of certain element. ASTM F963 is standard of safety of American stationery, toy. UK S12406 is England about pencil and painterly tool (safe) standard, this standard in November 1998 9 say become effective, the August 1, 1974 version before was being replaced and 1975t4l(Northern Ireland) version, this standard consulted the requirement of EN71-3, if sample does not accord with the requirement of UKS12406 standard, be about to have a test according to EN71-3. These standards apply to the basic and safe test of stationery, be like pencil, pen, paintbrush, crayon, chalk or other and similar product.

As above, UK S12406 standard applies to afore-mentioned products, this kinds of writing material that uses for adult and children is applicable child this standard, but when these stationery itself when the one part that is toy or toy only, must accord with UK S1204 standard, is not UK S12406 standard.