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Of UOF standard contend for enter ministries and commissions of actual combat st
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After WPS, the country promotes a kind of new documentation standard again, the intent enhances security.

It is reported, in the center of outside the ministries and commissions such as couplet ministry, Department of Commerce, central archives has confirmed UOF documentation standard will be carried out compulsively in subordinate unit henceforth, future still can popularize more state ministries and commissions, will support homebred documentation level with real operation.

UOF issues standard of format of documentation of generation office software for China (Unified Office Document Format, chinese abbreviation is " sign language is connected " ) , had made national standard at present, applying for to make international standard. To it standard of corresponding additionally two abroad reachs OOXML for ODF respectively, the ODF of IBM dominant is international standard at present, the OOXML of Microsoft dominant had passed internationalization standard to organize (of ISO) voting.

In addition, company of software of several homebred office also expresses to want to drive UOF standard actively to apply for to make international standard again.