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Ball-pen and level of pen core state (discussion draft)
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7 experiments method

7. 1 book writes function test

Write property: Place pointing to a pen underlines mark not to appear inside formulary length become weak, break a string or do not delimit the performance that give.

Random is draw-out at least 10 ball-pen or ball-pen core, in 6. Below the ambient conditions that 8 clauses set, use 6. The book that 2 clauses rule keeps experiment plane, be in 6. The test that 3 clauses provide uses paper to go up to delimit continuously 5m line, mention ability to write next leave experiment paper, after setting 3 hours, continue to write 300m again, examine to whether accord with the book that expresses 4 regulations to keep performance demand.

7. 2 Chinese ink measure an experiment

Give Chinese ink amount: Place pointing to a pen underlines the printing ink amount that length carries every meters inside LOOm.

7. 2. 1 experiment is implemental

Feeling quantity precision not under 0. The balance of 001g.

7. 2. 2 methods and measure

A. ) the quality G1 that says to take what write without the book to try a pen on balance;

B) adjusts a book to write experiment machine to satisfy 6. The condition of 2; Write accord with with paper 6. The requirement of 3;

C) places outfit trying a pen in the book to write experiment machine to go up, actuate writes experiment machine to place outfit trying a pen in the book to write experiment machine to go up. Observe to in underlining a process, have deny line appearance, if discover line phenomenon, can try this the pen to get off, obliterate with alcohol cotton the printing ink that builds up to go up in ability to write, next bare-handed in try out paper the 20mm in delimiting continuously- - the circle of φ 25mm 5, right now if can give line mark, continue to place outfit trying a pen in the book to write a test underline on machine, afore-mentioned processing are restricted only, if pass processing line mark to still be interrupted, should make line punish;

B) underlines length to be when LOOm, get off try a pen to obliterate with alcohol cotton the printing ink with accumulative on edge of tee of ability to write accumulation, say to take the quality G2 that tries a pen right now on balance again;

E) presses type (Chinese ink of 1) plan cipher out measures W, whether does quantity of check fish ink stick accord with the requirement that expresses 4 regulations

In type: W=G1-G2/L (1)

W -- M of / of Mg of quantity giving black;

G1 tries the quality Mg of the pen without what write;

G2 writes the tries a pen quality Mg after LOOm;

L -- underline length, LOOm.

Computation expresses as a result decimally hind 2.

7. 3 underline length experiment

Underline length: The shortest book that shows the pen should achieve a book to write ceaseless line writes length.
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