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The netizen is shared how to solve gush to call the difficult problem that block
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For the user that crosses ink jet printer to using, if do not use printer for long, the shower nozzle of printer can produce the phenomenon that block a head up, this is the problem that user of printer of all ink jet headaches quite really, so after happening to block a head up, how should be solved? The method that netizen of a forum solves ink jet printer to block a head up for what everybody offers is below, the hope is right everybody can oh reason is helped somewhat.

I often use printer, him fill Chinese ink, if ourselves starts work,basically blocking the EPSON printer of the head up for the most part is to be able to solve a problem. Must prepare article: A bottle of bottle opener of alcohol, scotch tape, beautiful head, distilled water (the hospital can be found) , medical one-time injector. A few clean container (need not too big) , paper towel (quality is close friends) .

It is detailed measure below:

1. Give printer electrify, go when ink box (need not be linked together with computer) .

2. Turn over EPSON printer in front plate washer.

3. Open ink box to secure checkpost, get off ink box.

4. Discharge of bottle opener of the head that use a flower drops shower nozzle to secure screw.

5. Fasten first urgent, watch a figure please one in " notice positional A " . See the trend of clear data line. Take care to secure the ink box of data line and black again next a departure. Need not break data string here straight (have the risk that break off) .

6. Use sprinkler head with handle gently light work, shower nozzle and ink box are fixed frame two place are linked together, it is the fixed bolt that the graph shows the right side 2 times (already discharge is dropped) , the 2 fixed checkpost that are left. Activity after a few, can take out shower nozzle easily. If the attention is very close, the fixed checkpost of left did not shake the likelihood. You do not want to exert oneself to do sth. , because want to protect the circuit at the back of the shower nozzle of EPSON580 board, and now data line with circuit board is linked together, if be met suddenly forcibly a circuit board drag.

7. There is sprinkler head in the hand, can see data line and graph show sprinkler head 2 times from the back the data line interface on circuit board is linked together. The data line interface that pins white with handle gently (because circuit board and shower nozzle do not have firmly,secure, if you do not pin here to may damage shower nozzle circuit board. Light light work uses data line, can take it, had better want to remember data line anyway, the fault won't be received when going back with be being received fully.

8. At this moment shower nozzle is already complete in your hand. Put it first aside, the attention places the position not to let his be touched when doing other work fall it.

9. With mount of a container a few distilled water, unplug later the pinhead of injector, absorb full water. Prepare an a few older vessel again (receive sewage to use) .
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