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Solve the character that print not complete or character is unsharpness problem
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To ink jet printer, the likelihood has two respects reason, ink box Chinese ink is used up, printer is long need not or suffer sunlight point-blank and bring about nozzle to jam. The means of settlement is OK change new ink box or note ink, if ink box is not gone, can concluding is nozzle jams: Get off ink box (to the printer that ink box nozzle is not an organic whole, need gets off nozzle) , put spray head in Wen Shuizhong to immerse a little while, notice scarcely wants a dip of circuit board part to be in water, otherwise consequence is unimaginable.

To the stylus printer, the likelihood has reason of the following respects: The ribbon that print uses time to grow too; The head that print was not cleaned for long, dirty content is too much; The head that print has an injection; Circuit of drive of the head that print has trouble. The means of settlement is to adjust first the head that print and the span between the roller that print, breakdown cannot eliminate, can change new ribbon, if still be no good, clean the head that print with respect to need. The method is: Discharge drops two on the head that print fixed bolt, grab next heads that print, keep clear of with needle or crotchet before the head that print, hind of be mingled with smudgy, it is the ribbon fiber that accumulates for long commonly, what printing a head again is hind the place that visits so that see a needle drips a few appearance are oily, in order to keep clear of a few smudgy, do not install ribbon sky to make a few pieces of paper, reload chromatically is taken, such problems can be solved basically, if be the head that print,be drive circuit problem, can change only the needle that print or drive were in charge of.