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Microsoft Africa strikes back pilfer edition Office sells 100 dollars only
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According to media message, branch of Microsoft East Africa announced a few days ago, the price of Office office software that sells in Kenya is reduced by 11700 Kenya shilling to 6300 Kenya shilling, add up to 100 dollars about only.

As we have learned, include Word 2007, excel 2007, powerPoint 2007, one Note 2007 inside Microsoft depreciates software package, reach other in the light of African area only rising market.

Microsoft this depreciates policy is rampant to African country and area pilfer edition current situation, a when adopt new blow plans. Before this, microsoft and local government combination hit pilfer edition, but effects is very small. This, microsoft decision is encouraged with depreciating buy an authorised edition, express, divide retail outside depreciating, still will strengthen on new sale computer install software of Microsoft authorised edition beforehand.

Microsoft ever rolled out special authorization policy to Kenya Internet bar, with every computer annual only of 10 dollars collect fees allow its to use original software, buy in order to promote.