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Light of patulous business reason buys business of beautiful office solution
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On August 29, 2008, company of IKONOffice Solutions of 3 United States has agreed this week the 1.62 billion dollar that accepts Japanese manage light to give out (amount to buys price every 17.25 dollars) buy trade agreement. Should buy an agreement to had obtained bilateral board of directors to agree, and will 2008 the fourth quarter is finished. IKON headquarters will still be set in the Malvern of Ni Yazhou of guest evening standard.

Matthew Espe of chairman of IKON company board of directors says to trade this the production that can make the sale of IKON and service ability and truth bare uses ability to get effective conformity, this will make two companies gain more strategic opportunity. Current, the business market of manage smooth half is to be in Japan, and IKON basically is managed in the United States, also sell product kimono Wu in Canada and Europe at the same time.

IKON is an office equipment that gives priority to in order to sell rental office equipment sells the business that rent, the product of deal with has 60 % to come from beautiful can, 30 % come from manage light.

The finance affairs of manage light grows department of 3 riverside be apt to to point out, this company plans to be in 3 replace beautiful to the with oneself office equipment inside 4 years can product. And this imply and adversary beautiful can the company competes in decisive American market will more turn white-hot, beautiful can pressure is more heavy also.