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Hilton Road office automation
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Whether you are for business or pleasure, if you are staying at the Hilton Hotel, then you will see the global hotel chains - Hilton Hotel is on the global 3600 the hotel staff and partners to upgrade Office and Sharepoint2010. Busy behind the construction of office automation Hilton Road, Hilton's global CIO (Chief Information Officer) Robert Webb and Lynch hopes to SharePoint 2010 upgrade and migration to Windows 7, C-level administrators to improve the hotel front desk staff the efficiency and communication. Upgrade to Office 2010 is only a part of collaborative innovation Hilton, Hilton Hotels has been tested worldwide providers of different technologies, including IBM, Accenture, AT & T and Microsoft companies. Although IBM is the Hilton Hotel in the main data center and desktop support service providers, but Hilton said it is considering using Microsoft Office collaboration tools, and said expansion of its enterprise agreement with Microsoft, the Hilton employees and business partners all Office 2010, Exchange , Lynch, and Windows 7 service. Webb said: Currently, Hilton Exchange and Office 2010 in the final stages of testing, the deployment began to increase next year in January, from Exchange and Outlook can not use the employee started. Hilton Global CIO Webb said in an interview, hope to Office, Exchange and SharePoint for the Hilton to build a new working environment. Hilton Offiice2010 and SharePoint upgrade main objectives are: Hilton, each employee can work in a unified platform for the exchange. webb said: Like other companies, the advantage of the Hilton Hotel employees are familiar with Exchange and Office documents, but also like the platform, a lot of the Hilton hotel staff were all Office 2007/Exchange2007 users, some employees use outside the United States The is the Novell GroupWise email system. Webb said that this is not a simple e-mail upgrade, he noted that the focus is to upgrade the file sharing, but also the merger of the SharePoint and Exchange2010 e-mail into a unified collaboration platform. Concerned about the cloud For some specific workflow, Hilton Hotels is considering using the cloud computing model. With a number of other large businesses, Hilton did not intend to large-scale migration to the cloud, but to deploy a mixed environment. Webb told reporters that they are optimistic about the environment and managed pre-mixed cloud model flexibility, and that it would not be limited to a cloud provider. They plan to build a mixed environment, there may be some that IBM's cloud services, some services are from Microsoft's cloud platform. But the mix of environmental requirements on workflow Hilton has a deeper examination, to set the permissions for the staff, only some of the staff can use those cloud-based applications, like Microsoft's Office 365 of those online services. Social networks SharePoint and Outlook Although Webb SharePoint as a collaboration tool will be an important part of the episode, but SharePoint is not just a tool, Webb focused on the social function of SharePoint and file sharing, and want it to be hotel staff part of the process. We want employees to use SharePoint Mysite and TeamSites work together to share information with other departments can also edit the document together. Webb disclose the use of Outlook, employees often have integrated many of SharePoint's social networking features and Office Commuticator unified communications capabilities. They have been trying to SharePoint functionality and Office Communicator to chat and display functionality into Outlook, the integrated package estimated to be able to launch in January. Avoid distraction for employees Webb understood the voice, video and chat into the finger on it might make people who do not use the distraction. Webb that set the "idle" and "busy" icon can help employees keep their distraction, while Hilton is also a professional group of IT guidance and training to teach employees how to effectively use the tool, not just throw technology staff, so that pondering how to use their own employees. Webb said the good news is that people have started getting familiar with Microsoft products, but Office 2010 also requires a learning process.