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Lamp of Baidu small orange combines Beijing agronomy courtyard to sponsor the ac
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On September 25 message, a few days ago, project of the commonweal below Baidu banner " small orange lamp " association of volunteer of youth of department of technology of biology of courtyard of associated Beijing agronomy, initiate " ignite small orange lamp to ignite a hope " books is contributory activity, the books that mobile collect goes to and stationery will by " small orange lamp " the children that commonweal project constituent sends disaster area and countrywide poverty the area.

This activity on September 10 ~ was held in the spot inside Beijing agriculture college on September 28, the student that comes from boreal farming at the appointed time will assemble each square force, below the organization that fastens young volunteer association in technology of biology of Beijing agronomy courtyard, contribute the books that gives oneself and stationery, deliver intellectual seed and the concept of coadjutant dedication each corners jointly. As we have learned, technology of biology of Beijing agronomy courtyard fastens young volunteer association to be comprised by a flock of youths that have deep love for commonweal career, volunteer service activity has been organized for many times before this.

"Small orange lamp " project controller appeals more people visit the spot to undertake contributory, "Get in information more and more convenient and quick today, still a lot of innocent children lack the condition that obtains knowledge, let us carry a hand to come, contributive knowledge, consecratory love. " at the same time, "Small orange lamp " acceptance, the love of earning of all raise donations, will be mixed by service disaster area in the hand of impoverished and a mountainous area children.

"Small orange lamp " commonweal project is known to initiate by Baidu, regard the Chinese with the greatest whole world as interactive interlocution platform, all the time since, baidu knows to devote oneself to to let Chinese netizen share his wisdom and experience, already accumulative total solved many 3800 problem, and project of small orange lamp shares knowledge of this kind of on-line outspread arrived below the line, wait for a form through contributing book and stationery, the nutrition that lets knowledge delivers every more capacious, corner that is needed more.