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Occupation standard of our country furniture changes hopeful to enter span type
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The furniture industry this year pays attention to relative standard particularly make with executive job, with respect to countrywide furniture standardization center is told, the standard of what respect can you establish mainly this year? At present of furniture occupation standard making a case is what kind of current situation, the executive circumstance of the enterprise how? Interviewed countrywide furniture to standardize country of Liu Yao of central vice director a few days ago, knowledge is current the relevant circumstance of furniture standard.

2008 is the country carries out 10 kinds of big products that include furniture inside one year of special punish, at the same time as a result of before the development that furniture standard works to lag behind at the industry from beginning to end, because the metric system this this year concludes quantity phase relatively increased last year decuple. Had approved 13 countries standard this year, 6 occupation standard, additionally the decathlon standard that declare has not been examined and approve.

It is the standard requirement of safe respect for the most part among them, all use the level of European Union country, if do 3 standards such as fair furniture, screen to use the level of the European Union, and demand of security of family expenses double bed; Still edited additionally two important levels: JB1884-2001 country mandatory standard " interior decoration decorates material wood furniture in harmful material set limit to " , basically be aimed at health of safe sanitation, person; JB17927-1999 " the assess that soft mattess of software furniture strong reed and sofa fight ignition character " , basically be aimed at anti-flammability respect.

At present the furniture industry of our country has 66 levels, standard of its China home 33, occupation standard 33, can satisfy the requirement of whole furniture industry basically. But will tell from whole, the mark of these standards age too long, active standard lag, need is urgent the trade that settles this problem to develop in order to get used to high speed. Insufficient place is in in addition active standard to apply to glass, plastic furniture at be deficient in, and the standard of the respect such as the environmental protection standard of furniture production company, the manufacturing environment that still includes a company is waited a moment, need to form certain level to restrain a company.

Liu Yao country thinks, home's wholesale furniture company still is in a few, dimensions enterprise is in the majority in, plus employee quality opposite not tall, not be very lucid to standard understanding, those who cause the current situation with furniture unqualified product or presence. But spend a product from 2002 the four seasons appropriate rate 30% those who rise to nowadays 80% in light of, the integral level of this industry still is rising. It how can be accomplished is better to how can be accomplished, bigger, more professional, more long-term, more can occupational market, this thinks deep with respect to need enterprise.
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