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Suffer international environment to affect the accent on paper stationery price
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Common presswork with industry 20-40%

The box that pack pressworks / brand 26-50%

Cross glue film and too smooth 10-15%

4 big consortium suggest look forward to cancels to presswork jointly Wu of book paper duty

Consortium of Malaysia paper business, Xue Longwen provides consortium of typographer of book industry consortium, Malaysia, and consortium of typographer of snow grand China appeals now government, decrease or cancel paper duty and newspaper to oppose dumping tax.

4 big consortium also are combining government of the proposal in statement, cancel 5% to 7% presswork the duty Wu of book paper, so that consumer but from which indebted.

"We suggest to cancel the paper custom duty that all person that consume person and print use and duty Wu to the government, especially office paper (5% custom duty) , east assist import beyond the country presswork and write paper (7% custom duty) , supply tasted custom duty with etc print.

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